1. jathis:

    I wish Game Grumps would stop with the casual Asian racism

    Come on, you guys are better than that.

    Stop with the fucking stereotypes

  2. image

    "So I hope you guys keep that in mind. If I ever do work with Rooster Teeth in the future, that I worked really hard to work with the people that I do,  and it’s not because I’m ever dating someone." - Leaving SourceFed FAQ

  3. Also I think I desperately want to cosplay as Medli now.

    So much that I actually want to buy a functioning hand harp and learn to play the earth gods lyric.


  4. Changed my tumblr theme again. Usually I’m super picky about my theme, but this time I decided I really wanted something simple. So that’s what I’ve done.

    The only thing I dislike about it is that the paragraphs in posts all bleed together and there’s no paragraph breaks for some reason. But that’s a tiny thing to be unhappy about when I’m not a blog that does writing or anything where this would be a necessity.

  5. caterpee:

forgot to show u guys my medli cosplay!!! one of the feathers got bent but!! i still sorta like the outcome


    forgot to show u guys my medli cosplay!!! one of the feathers got bent but!! i still sorta like the outcome

  6. title: Evolution of Anna Kendrick's Voice
    artist: Anna Kendrick
    album: Tumblr Audio
    played: 730 times


    Evolution of Anna Kendrick’s voice.

    So I decided to make this, since I love her voice and she is just very talented. 

    Following songs in order:

    1. I Love Paris (Musical: High Society, 1998)

    2. Life Upon A Wicked Stage (My Broadway Leading Ladies, 1998)

    3. Ladies Who Lunch (Movie: CAMP, 2003)

    4. For Good ft. Kristin Chenoweth (Trevor Live Concert, 2012)

    5. Have Yourself A Merry Little Christmas (Christmas In Washington, 2013)

    Program used: Garageband 6.0.5

    Please give me credit, twitter user: @DaniellaDelfin

  7. I just saw a post about how nice and friendly and wanting to help that EMTs are… and it made me cringe.

    I have had nothing but bad experiences with EMTs in the past and present.

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  8. freakious:

  9. frienclzone:

    what is a sex drive where is the sex going does it even have a license

  10. Finally got one of my snooty villagers to move out of my AC town! :D

    I really dislike snooty villagers. They are so rude and make my favourite villagers (mostly normal ones) unhappy.

    I still have one more to go. Then I just hope no more move in. Also I want Eugene back *weeps*

  11. what?! i feel like if you’re going to try something like that you owe it to your audience to link/point to the other (much better) examples esp w/ the fan demographic the green bros have

    To be fair Hank did say there were recordings on YouTube out there. I just hope the people watching take the time to actually look those up and don’t take Hank’s rendition as “the one”.

    Because it’s so painfully modern, and undermines the people who have taken the time to perform it with historically informed performance techniques.

  12. Pointless music major gripes beneath the cut.

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